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Our history

The Tailoring

From the ancient tradition born in 1958 in Visciano, we at Sartoria Trinchese create classic tailored suits, taking care of the details and above all, satisfying the requests of our customers.
We use the finest fabrics, processed by leading companies in the sector, such as Zegna, Loropiana, Cerruti and many others.
Our jackets are made to measure, by hand, with all their components, in fact, you can admire our buttonholes, pockets, single buttons, positioned by hand and much more. We love to geometrically sew the garment on the customer, adhering to personal measurements.
To meet us, just write to us and make an appointment with us and if there are any difficulties in finding us, we also offer home delivery.
To make a dress, you meet several times, in order to be able to do a series of basic steps: choose the fabrics, the colors, take the measurements and try on the garments to perfection. There are, in general, various tests, in which the garment must be worn and improved more and more, until the perfect garment is obtained.
Our jacket is characteristic, that is the Neapolitan jacket, an excellent made in Italy garment.
Although we create various styles of Jacket, we are specialized in the Neapolitan one, becoming a reference for this type of product.
Always synonymous with quality and style, today Sartoria Trinchese continues to grow and renew itself thanks to the commitment of Giovanni and his sons, Francesco, Michele and Valerio, with whom it creates refined tailored suits that it exports all over the world.

What we offer

Neapolitan jacket

However, we are skilled in making various models of jackets, we are specialized in the famous “Neapolitan jacket”, which has its...

Home service

We make an appointment and decide together the best solution. Should it be difficult to meet in our offices, we can reach you at home,

Geometric processing

Our school of thought does not require the use of paper molds, but the geometric cutout, after having carefully taken the measurements.

High-class fabrics

Selected fabrics, to obtain the highest quality from our products.

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