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Michele Trinchese

Following in the footsteps of his father, he takes the tailor shop around Italy, together with his brother Valerio, affirming even more the brand established by his father. Thanks to the many projects and works produced in Milan, he will bring the show room to via Monte Napoleone, alongside many other brands.

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Giovanni Trinchese

Skilled tailor of the Neapolitan school and founder of the Sartoria Trinchese.After an experience abroad, he specialized in the packaging of tailored suits of great workmanship and quality, subsequently making his tailoring a renowned Italian reality.

Valerio Trinchese

Valerio Trinchese

Entrepreneur and exporter of the brand around Italy. Valerio aims at Europe, working towards Milan and towards an increasingly refined communication, with the aim of achieving an ever more international elegance.