Our Story

The Tailoring

Sartoria Trinchese was born in 1958 in Visciano, a small town on the outskirts of Naples, from an idea of Giovanni Trinchese.
A tailor with decades of experience and a great passion for tailoring, Giovanni began his training in some art workshops in Campania and then moved abroad and returned to Italy a few years later.
Always synonymous with quality and style, today Sartoria Trinchese continues to grow and renew itself thanks to the commitment of Giovanni and his sons, Francesco, Michele and Valerio, with whom it creates refined tailored suits that it exports all over the world.

2021 will therefore be the year of the turning point for Sartoria Trinchese, which from Milan now looks with interest to Europe, and will lay the foundations to expand its ``touch`` and ``style`` in the continuous process of growth and internationalization of its own Tailoring, in the sign of the elegance of passion and the unique style of those who make quality their mantra and their mission.

Our Services

What makes us special?

Neapolitan jacket

However, we are skilled in making various models of jackets, we are specialized in the famous “Neapolitan jacket”, which has its...

Home service

We make an appointment and decide together the best solution. Should it be difficult to meet in our offices, we can reach you at home,

Geometric processing

Our school of thought does not require the use of paper molds, but the geometric cutout, after having carefully taken the measurements.

High-class fabrics

Selected fabrics, to obtain the highest quality from our products.